1. 日本戰國四公子

to be finish:

  1. clean up 《火鳳》世界背景設定(偽) (category: 火鳳) (NEXT)
  2. finish and add more at 働く三番 (continues from 負面新聞; related future planning including MITM, Agile expert, English skills) (category: 働く)
  3. finish 中生代與早期偶像

area of interest:

  1. revise those name definitions in SP群英傳, also some word definition such as 知禦三傑 (original category: 役割&言葉) -> this became part of tasks of planning OOPMM the Game.
  2. 諸子's table build up. (regard to its strategy choice and different way to approach problem solving)
  3. Interview questions. (problem solving)

long term plan:

  1. An iPhone program simulates real life in WoW style. -> This became OOPMM the Game (simulating)
  2. Design a game for environment protect. -> Partially became OOPMM the game (its stratege part).

background understanding from:

  • Historical SLG 三國 /戰國 Strategic planning ()
  • Fantasy/Saga RPG 魔獸 /金庸 Simulating (Role playing)
  • Basic concept of OOPMM the Game, simulating the real life and apply strategy in the game.

働く area:

  • Short term goal = refer goal setting in annual review
  • Mid term goal = Agile expert, focus on software development philosophies.
  • Long term goal -> Development Manager, IT Manager <- (MITM in USYD)
  • Skills to improve: data structure & algorithms.

A workflow of following should be designed for JIRA

Phase / Procedures (Everyday work)

  • Plan
  • Requirement Phase
    • Gathering
    • Organising
    • Analyzing
    • Decision
  • Design
    • Specification
    • Architecture
  • Implementation
    • Development
    • Problem solving
    • Collaboration
    • Testing
    • Documentation
  • Evaluating
  • Deployment
  • Maintenance

TOWER (Dropped) there are bunch of beautiful project management softwares there, and OOPMM will become the new iPhone project.

  • Task
  • Organising
  • Work
  • Evaluation
  • Revision
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