Objective Edit

Game Time Edit

  1. 10 Default TimeSlot per week (7 nights + fri&sat midnight + sat&sun afternoon + ?)
  2. Game period from 15/Aug to 14/Feb

Game Over Condition Edit

  1. Money < 0 in the first day of every Month (Could not pay out overloaded money and bills etc)
  2. Game time passed (6 months)

Resource Edit

TimeSlot : Calendar Edit

  • Default : Weekday after 6pm - 12
  • Default : Weekend
  • Increase : Over use time than default could cause decrease in Money resource (Time+ but Money-)
  • Decrease : All activities will use certain time slot.

Money : Basic Consumption Edit

  • Increase : Fixed amount monthly
  • Extra : Use weekend time slot to gain extra money (Money+ but Time-)
  • Decrease : All purchase in product and service requires Money.
  • Overload : Money can be overload in some amount but result in extra interested required to pay next month)

Network : Characters (Other NPC) Edit

  • Increase : By joining activities (Money- Time-)
  • Increase : By increase the Heart* with other people, up to certain level they will refer you other peoples
  • Increase : Special plot when archieve some requirement
  • Decrease : Losing Heart* with other people to some level.

Heart : Friendship, Favorability with a character Edit

  • Increase : Interactive with people in events (small amount)
  • Increase : Gift (money-)
  • Increase : Special plot
  • Decrease: Small amount If not contacted for a week.
  • Decrease : Did something s/he dislike
  • Decrease : Special plot

Game Mechanism Edit

Basic Workflow Scenario Edit

  1. Choose activity for a free time slot (time-)
  2. Join activity (money-)
  3. Know more character (network+)
  4. Interactive with other character (Heart+)

Repeat 1-4 until heart* enough to date with a character

  1. Choose location for dating (time-)
  2. Conduct dating (money-)
  3. Interactive with character (Heart+)

(Difference between activities and dating: dating 1v1)

If no activities: Edit

  • Surf SP for network, slightly increase heart* with 論壇眾, discover activities and network online.
  • Practice skills.
  • Go to a place for chance of meet character randomly.

Activities: Related Skill (money-, time-, network+, heart+, skill+) Edit

  • Dinners : None (heart+)
  • K : Singing, Dice
  • Clubbing : Dancing
  • BBQ : Cooking
  • Sports Activities : Sports
  • Home Party : Home Party Game (殺人遊戲, dice etc)
  • Majong : Majong
  • Pool : Pool

Plot events (fixed) Edit

  • 927
  • Mel trip
  • NYE

Characters Attribute Edit

  • Charm : Affected by apperance, hairstyle etc.
  • Skills : Affected by join/practice a activity.
  • Like/Dislike (would affect heart+/- with the character, such as gift)
  • Relationship with other character (would affect heart+/- with the character)

ERD v0.1 Edit


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